Daniel is a global leader in providing fiscal flow and energy measurement products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. The Daniel name is synonymous with quality products, industry expertise and innovative engineering. With over 80 years of experience in custody transfer and fiscal flow measurement, Daniel is committed to helping you measure and understand your oil and gas flows using intelligent meter with advanced diagnostics. And we at Pearl are committed to providing you the latest Daniel technology.

Liquid Ultrasonic Meters >>

Easy to operate and maintain because they have no moving parts, Daniel’s LUSM are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for custody as well as non-custody transfer applications that require measurement integrity, reliability and minimal maintenance. These are commonly found in onshore and offshore production facilities, refining and storage locations, crude oil and refined product transportation pipelines, and in all types of distribution facilities Daniel LUSM uses advanced Windows based MeterLink software which includes diagnostic capabilities.

Gas Ultrasonic Meters >>

Daniel GUSM deliver real-time diagnostics, high accuracy, stability, redundancy, and operational cost savings for oil and gas fiscal flow measurement. Commonly installed in natural gas transmission pipelines, compressor stations, processing facilities and city gates, these products are also useful for industries that consume large volumes of natural gas as a fuel or feedstock. Such applications include power generation, refining, processing and petrochemical facilities.

Liquid Turbine Meters >>

Preferred as a low-cost, accurate and repeatable measurement technology for many custody transfer applications, Daniel liquid turbine meters assure low maintenance and sustained performance utilizing a single moving part and robust bearings.

Orifice Meter Runs >>

Daniel’s proven differential pressure products are the most widely used instruments for natural gas fiscal flow measurement. They are available in most sizes and pressure ratings, and meet the demanding requirements for large or special applications.

Daniel Venturi Tubes >>

Venturi tubes accurate measurement for non-viscous fluids. Corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance free, these tubes perform in a breadth of applications that include water, vapor, steam, gas, sludge and slurry.

Metering Skids >>

Daniel combines customized engineering capabilities, reliable products, best-in-class consulting and project management with industry expertise to provide innovative integrated custody transfer measurement systems (Metering Skids) for both liquid and gas measurement

Daniel Provers >>

The need for proving arises because operating conditions differ significantly from the conditions under which the meter is calibrated. Daniel provers enables an automated system for proving liquid flow meters such as turbine, vortex, positive displacement, magnetic, Coriolis as well as ultrasonic flow meters in both laboratory and field conditions.


Daniel provers can be tailored to meet specific application needs and are used for various meter sizes and flow conditions to help establish reference point under operating conditions (initial installation), account for changes in meter accuracy, verify repeatability / linearity of meter, and satisfy custody transfer contractual requirements.


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